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Aging Gracefully.

MIcro-current Testimonials & FAQs

Feel good inside and out!

"Every time I get a facial I feel better and better! It's my favourite "go to" treatment when I start to feel physically tired and bogged down with life. The real bonus is I get to look as good outside as I feel on the inside!"

 - single mom of 2 teens

Improve wrinkles.

"It's my happy place for 90 minutes and a healthy way of reducing my wrinkles, it really does that! My skin looks radiant, my eyelids lifted and my wrinkles in my forehead are so much softer and not as deep. So happy!"

 - business entrepreneur & mother of 2 

Firmer skin.

"Wow! I felt the skin around my mouth and jaw firm after one session! Thank you, Michelle!"

- tutor

What does it feel like?

NON-INVASIVE! You will feel a slight tingle with the microcurrent facial l. I typically tell clients that besides the wet Q-tip sensation, you should feel something but not necessarily nothing. It should also not be too strong or distracting because the idea is to calm the nervous system not over stimulate it. This is important for a holistic health service.

What do I bring?

A hydrated body and clean face is best for the microcurrent facial but I also have my awesome facial wash provided at the studio! I have head bands to pull your hair off the face also, unless you prefer to bring your own.

Is there "down time" after?

If what you are asking is, "Can I go out into public after?" YES!!! Many face-lift procedures use invasive methods to damage the skin cells first to stimulate your natural state of repair, not with this! Safe and gentle... ALL THE WAY!


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. 

We hope you enjoy our site and JOIN the ANTI-AGING REVOLUTION.

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AGing gracefully

Chosen Therapies for Anti-aging & Rejuvenation

I have chosen to provide therapies or techniques for cellular regeneration and rejuvenation I found to help me through my own skin and health struggles. I had to bring myself back to life as I fell seriously ill unknowingly what was happening or causing my life to all into a downward spiral. It is my passion to bring methods of recovery and prevention to anyone with declining skin whether it is aging, eczema or psoriasis as I have all of these issues myself. I want to share with you the most effective and non-invasive ways to look and feel your best without sacrificing your health!

I will consult and educate you about your body, good nutrition, emotional health and the skin response which results in aging or troubled skin. We typically notice and are bothered by aging of the skin on our hands, face and neck, if you are lucky, otherwise you will discover more serious issues much earlier in your years.

 In my methodology, the face is the main focus for how others see us, as well as how we see our selves. When is the last time you looked at your self in the mirror and liked what you saw? THIS MATTERS! The face shows us how we feel without consciousness and how we face the world, is written all over the face. Over time, stress and tension can contort this self-image and is why we may not recognize ourselves in the mirrored reflection. As we get older, we typically have more responsibility and this leads to more stress, which leads the body into prioritization for blood flow resulting in the skin being sacrificed with low priority as a way of protecting us. Focusing on the facial muscles and skin cells can re-activate blood flow which brings more attention for healing and repairing damaged skin.This is a luxurious and very nurturing way to open a doorway to healing yourself by concessions of complete pamper with yet a scientific approach to healing ALL OF YOU!

On a more scientific and physical level, micro current therapy and PEMF therapy send a low frequency conducted through the body to stimulate blood flow to rejuvenate cells  so they compliment each other quite well! I have been very pleased with the results of both methods and this is why I bring them to you! The skin has an efficient and intelligent system in place, so much so that it literally heals it self without us doing anything in the right environment. I am determined to provide the right tools to create the right environment for anti-aging and rejuvenation!

Nutrition, topical products and emotional health will all be a part of the bigger picture for anti-aging and rejuvenation at THE ESSENTIAL SPACE. I will share all that I have learned, through my recalls and tribulations with the skin. I am not an aesthetician but a determined passionate survivor who can tell you  through my personal experience, extensive holistic training & practice and avid research.

Heard of Face Yoga? I will also bring that to your attention if you want a little homework! Otherwise, micro current therapy or EMS is also like exercise for your face muscles, you will literally feel muscles contracting and relaxing improving facial asymmetry which contributes to aging and makes you not recognize who you see today. This will also improve wrinkles that appear from repeated facial expressions and habits. If you have suffered from a head or facial trauma you may very well experience loss of feeling or facial muscle control. Please understand that asymmetry can slowly appear as you age because of head injury or facial trauma and this may help at any stage to bring life back into your face as what may appear to you as a lost cause or non-recoverable.

Please know... my chose techniques are NON-INVASIVE! I have studies trauma and PTSD and the effects of stress can appear like aging. I take the emotions and fight or flight response into consideration when working with my clients. 

You will be in safe and heart-felt hands!

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Benefits of Micro-current Rejuvenation include:

  • Improve skin tone and lymphatic flow.
  • Decrease facial and tissue swelling.
  • Improve skin cellular function.
  • Muscle re-education to improve symmetry.
  • Diminish or minimize fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Improved confidence.
  • Increased energy.
  • Improved hormone functioning.

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Come on in...

Detailed Benefits of Micro-current Rejuvenation


Improve skin tone and lymphatic flow.

Welcome to the place for your holistic health approach to anti-aging facial & skin rejuvenation! The methods we use are "whole"istic and very safe with no "down time". This facial will provide a lift and supports the body's natural ability to heal and regenerate itself. Microcurrent therapy clinically increases blood circulation and ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) levels in skin cells which facilitates tissue healing, growth and waste removal. ATP is the "molecular unit of currency" of intracellular cell transfer, and is in found in ALL FORMS OF LIFE! By increasing ATP up to 500%, cell metabolism and injury repair will improve bringing you younger looking skin. Also, decreasing inflammation and soft-tissue swelling by increasing cellular membrane transport by 40% for less puffiness. Microcurrent therapy results in improving the DNA synthesis for soft-tissue cell regeneration and stimulates the activation of T-lymphocytes to strengthen the immune system of the whole body. Plant-based skin care products used during the treatments also best support the skin organ for anti-aging... AMAZING!


Muscle re-education to improve symmetry.

Servicing Kelowna & West Kelowna this is the place for the face & skin with a holistic health approach. Have you heard of facial yoga or facial exercises? Our goal is to bring balance into your facial symmetry with microcurrent facial. Attention to the muscles is great for aging prevention, unnecessary sagging and promotes lifting! I pay special attention to any previous head trauma and the TMJ (jaw joint system), head, face and neck muscles that support it all. If you understand how muscles work, we will be stimulating the Golgi apparatus of the facial muscles which is located at the origin and insertion of the muscle body. This stimulus will tell muscles they are too tight or too loose, and the body will adjust appropriately in all joint systems. Any extra stress in the face structure  is putting unnecessary stress on your central nervous system as well as its' hormone functions. Hormone imbalance can contribute to aging skin and must be considered for your skin care regimen. It is all connected, so attention to the face is VERY IMPORTANT!


Diminish or minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Facial aging is mainly caused by poor skin care routine, soft tissue damage and repetitive facial "habits". Using a holistic health approach with a microcurrent facial, we will improve the circulation, detoxification, and ATP (energy) production within the skin cells. You will notice your skin will improve any low grade inflammation, increase health of collagen and elastin fibres. With stimulating faster cellular regeneration and increased protein synthesis you will completely enhance soft tissue healing. Smoothing out areas with wrinkles and fine lines that were depleted and bringing results you can SEE in just ONE TREATMENT! Right here in Kelowna & West Kelowna, mobile service available in Peachland, and beyond.

Would you benefit?

Bride To "BE"


Start your new chapter with your best face forward! 

Shine bright like a DIAMOND.

Book your sessions in advance 6-12 weeks BEFORE the big day to get a head start.

New "BE"ginnings


It's time to shed that OLD SELF as a new one is emerging!

The skin sheds and so do we.

Why waste anymore time, make each day COUNT moving forward.

In "BE"tween Stages


Are you feeling lost in or out of relationship? 

Are you a new mom who is feeling unappreciated?

Are you in the midst of a transition of your kids leaving the nest?

This may be just the attention you need to find your SELF again!



Skin cAre

Clean Products for your Skin

Microcurrent therapy actually drives topical products into skin cells up 70% more effectively, therefore, products used are carefully selected and very important for results! What you put onto your skin is absorbed into your whole body and effects organ and hormone function. Hormone function effects the skin and contributes to the aging process and effect. The skin products used with the micro-current matter because your SKIN matters for longevity, beauty and good health! For this reason, I use products that are as clean and healing as they come. It is the time for CHEMICAL-FREE living!

The products I recommend is A.R.T - Age Refining Technology by Young Living Essential Oils. There are NO HORMONE DISRUPTORS in these products! In fact, they have a superior concept in skin restoration combining the advanced technology of DNA recovery enzymes with a proprietary anti-aging Peptide Complex. This blend reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles, dimishes age spots, evens skin tone, and increases elasticity and density of skin. To reinforce DNA renewal, frankincense and sandalwood essential oils from Young Living are added, along with the legendary wolfberry seed oil which is known for its moisturizing and skin conditioning properties. All in all, I feel I have chosen the best, a truly unique and effective skin care system to compliment the microcurrent therapy. 

Your body and skin will completely BENEFIT with usage of "authentic" therapeutic-graded essential oils. The oils in these products meet strict criteria in order to have a medicinal therapeutic effect, as well are third-party tested to confirm the results. The essential oil products alone can provide benefits for aging and skin regeneration when used regularly and properly, another reason WHY I trust this for your skin!

Product Info

Facial Products & Nutritional Ingredients include:

Claraderm Spray (used during facial)

  • Myrrh
  • Tea Tree
  • Lavender
  • Frankincense
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Helichrysum
  • Coconut Oil base

A.R.T. Foaming Cleanser (gluten free)

  • Frankincense
  • Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood
  • Melissa
  • Lemon
  • Lavender
  • Natural Vitamin E
  • Green Tea Extract

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The Space for the face

The Story of the Face

It is through our awareness and personal experience that the skin is purely a reflection of our internal health, body, mind and soul. The face tells a story, the soul's story. The journey in this body, reflects face forward, which is a result of being made of mostly water. We wrinkle from holding back, you sag from the emotional weight you carry, every line has a story waiting to be told, aging happens because we are holding back! Imagine the face as a map, the map of your soul's journey. 

Stress or struggle has effected your internal ability to self-heal. I am simply an activator for healing using my favourite tools and training to assist you. Involving emotions, hormones, physiological structure that impact your skin health and facial muscle structure, we look at how it functions as a whole. In this methodology, the purpose is so the organic YOU can shine through! To reveal your true essence for all to see YOU with more radiancy, inside and out! 

Turn back the clock on your face, by TRULY letting go!

Age gracefully, and love ALL of you. You are ready to shine brightly and be seen! You are BEAUTIFUL inside and out, let me help you, radiate from within, as you were intended to be all along!

About Us

The Essential Space

We all take up space and need "space", personal space, whether it is in our environment or simply within. It is my intention to "hold space" that provides you with the tender pampering you deserve or desire.  Your facial experience will be holistic, looking at the mindbody connection, as well as, a whole body approach. My extensive trainings will be woven into every session, allowing me to use ancient healing techniques, modern day technology and heart-felt intuition. You will come in one person and walk out another. I look forward to meeting you, as I also believe there are no coincidences, only guided synchronicity. Within you is "The Essential Space", the transitional gap between who you are in this moment and who you are becoming! 

Service Intention

Women hold up the world. We "house" the children, the boys and the men. It is through our perception and experience that infants and children are conditioned. The way to inner peace starts US the women, for the world, and it MUST start with the "self" that we see. This is WHY we start with a holistic health approach with the face, and it will reach you on a soul level starting with a microcurrent facial that benefits you on a cellular level. The ritual of the "facial" is about self-care and seeing in that reflection that you TRULY are worth it! It is from that place of self awareness, we can attend to other factors that are feeding your stress and the whole aging process, coming from the external environment, as well as internal. Environmental toxins, topical toxins, nutritional factors, and emotional responses to all of those, factor in completely. Through the process, you will feel more confident, brighter, and lighter on many levels. Taking this toxic stress load off will free you, and you will find that you are more capable to become the "who" you are meant to be!

The Mission

It is my mission to bring the most value to you, in the time spent together in session. When you walk through The ES door, you will be different when you walk out of it. Also, you will be different session to session and no two sessions may be exactly the same. My intention is to attune to you and provide what you need in that moment. Whether it is pampering, a listening ear or move stuck energy from the past, I will assist you to move forward with each time we meet. Either way, I want you to leave feeling cared for and supported. I promise to BRING IT and give you my all. Fully in heart-space, transitioning your soul into self-love.

About The Founder


Michelle Carrie's Passion

Love you, and that skin suit you are in! 

I was never a girl that fussed about looks or her skin. I took pride that I rarely looked in the mirror. I guess you could say I took youth and my vanity for granted, among a whole bunch of other things. The skin is such an emotional organ, it holds everything in, until it DOESN'T!  Internalizing all those thoughts and emotions erupted on my skin, my body could not contain it, I had a huge SKIN AWAKENING! Now, I have a very personal investment in the skin as a organ, and how it functions in relation to your internal state. It is my hope to inspire others to take better care of themselves and learn to APPRECIATE  the "SELF" before it's too late. After years of struggles and some VERY serious skin issues, I had to learn to SAVE MY SELF, including the skin I was in, and I am now sharing my wisdom through my experience and favourite healing activation tools with the world!


Michelle Carrie's Toolbox

Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation Certified  Practitioner 

Certified Touch For Health Level 4 Practitioner -Applied Kinesiology 

Muscular Neuro Reflex Integration - Audio and Visual Reflexes, Life Long Reflexes, Dynamic & Postural Reflexes 

Certified Psychological Kinesiology Practitioner - The Kinesiology Institute 

Shiatsu Table Massage 

Cranial Sacral Level 1

Eden Energy - Energy Kinesiology Advanced Chakras, Radiant Circuits  



...and more.

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