How Your Emotions Can Age Your Skin

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How Your Emotions Can Age Your Skin

How Your Emotions Can Age Your Skin

Why are our emotions important for skin health?

Firstly, let’s look at our limbic system which sits behind your nose. The limbic system is directly linked to our sensory system, emotions, memory complex, and Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)!

FUN FACT! Smell is the ONLY sense that bypasses the thalamus, which is the processing function of the brain that sorts through ALL sensory input information before sending signals for the Fight, Flight or Freeze response. Smell is our most primal sense for survival because of this function of bypassing the prefrontal cortex. It is no different than a predator smelling the air for its prey and running for its life! It runs without thinking!! Knowing this means, using scent, we can work directly with our biological responses of the amygdala and the amygdala gland which communicates with the hormones of the pituitary gland. It is understood that scent is our strongest sense for memory recall, and THIS is why!

We are hard-wired this way. Unknowingly, we keep a hard drive of familiar and unfamiliar scents for comparison of what is “safe” or “unsafe.”

Now, what does that have to do with the skin you ask?

The skin is a reflection of the ANS, the state of the organs, blood health, circulation, and all body systems as a whole! Our emotional health is SUPER important for healthy more vibrant skin! If we carry any emotional stress this will throw off hormones and neurotransmitters that effect inner function and overall health. This is why I recommend “facing” your emotions and not “internalizing” them.

How can you “face” your emotions instead of internalizing them? INHALE! There IS a reason why we say, “JUST BREATHE.” It is to calm ourselves down from the tipping point. Another way to integrate the mind body connection when you are in a confusion state of “stress” is to use MOTHER NATURE & MEDITATION or “C.A.L.M.” for short.

Using C.A.L.M brings our conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind into an alignment from the confusion state we call “stress.” MOTHER NATURE provides a tool to help stimulate this process! It’s almost as if this is ANOTHER REASON why the plants were put on this earth!! This is WHY we feel so much better when we go outside for a “breath of fresh air” or a “walk in the woods”, standing by the ocean, or even gardening! This was actually prescribed by doctors decades ago when people got sick and before the use of pharmaceuticals, it was “prescribed.”  Using essential oils for inhaling is also a great quick fix, if you cannot “walk it off” or get outside!

I suggest using high quality, master-crafted, therapeutic grade essential oils.  Not all essential oils are pure, and MANY on the market are adulterated with synthetics. How do you “feel” after inhaling bleach? AWFUL. SICK. And so, we should!! Inhaling chemicals is not OK, and they are hidden everywhere! KNOW the ingredients of what you’re breathing in, everyday! Do your research. This is important because of the effects on your ANS, limbic system and THE SKIN!

Here is a great presentation of how and why this system is IMPORTANT for our health and overall, THE SKIN!

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