wellness coach kelowna

About the Founder

Certified Facial Rejuvenation Practitioner & Energetic Wellness Coach Serving Kelowna, B.C

I use natural methods of recovery and prevention for anyone dealing with declining skin health, particularly of the FACE.  I use  effective and non-invasive therapies and treatment modalities such as: micro-current, red light therapy, PEMF, TCM acupressure, shiatsu face massage, aromatherapy, plant energy, crystals, wellness coaching and Tibetan energy among other techniques in my energetic skin sessions.

My programs begin with a foundation of wellness education using a holistic mind-body-soul approach. My beauty service ritual is providing  skin consultations, therapeutic coaching, energetic work and holistic facial treatments for your face and Beloved Skin. I look at your current skin’s condition, your lifestyle, past and present to determine a custom holistic facial treatment plan that goes beyond the ordinary. Better than Botox, I give  face lifts for the soul!

wellness coach kelowna

My Story

I was never a girl that fussed about looks or her skin. In fact, I took pride that I rarely looked in the mirror. I guess you could say I took youth and  vanity for granted, among other things. The skin is such an emotional organ, it holds everything in, until it DOESN’T!  Internalizing thoughts and emotions erupted on my skin. My body could not contain it and then I had a huge SKIN AWAKENING!

I have a very personal investment in the skin as an organ, and how it functions in relation to your internal state. It is my hope to inspire others to take better care of themselves and learn to APPRECIATE  the “SELF” before it’s too late. After years of struggles and some VERY serious skin issues, I had to learn to save myself, including the skin I was in. Now I’m sharing my wisdom through my experience and favourite healing activation tools with the world…

The ritual of the “facial” is about self-care and seeing in your reflection that TRULY are worth it! It is from that place of self awareness, that we can attend to other factors that are feeding your stress and the whole aging process, coming from the external environment, as well as internal. Environmental toxins, topical toxins, nutritional factors, and emotional responses factor in completely. Through the process, you will feel more confident, brighter, and lighter on many levels. Taking the toxic stress load off will free you, and you will find that you are more capable to become the “who” you are meant to be!