Micro-Current Therapy

Micro-Current Therapy

Skin therapies can be overwhelming.

There are a ton of techniques out there! It is over whelming and confusing and I hope to bring some clarity on this topic…

Why is Micro-current your #1 choice?

Micro-current is NON-invasive and effective. 

It stimulates the body’s response that our cells need to activate ATP production to regenerate skin cells. Increasing blood circulation and ATP improves removal of toxins and the flow of our lymphatic system (our tissue’s sewage system). It is so gentle compared to surgery, Botox or Microdermabrasion to name a few. Using only 1/1,000,000th of an amp of electrical current stimulates the skin cells and facial muscle tissue that structure the overall “look” of the face. Working on the face structure, as well as, the layers of the skin, you can improve the overall health of the skin organ. Needle-less acupuncture is also applied to improve overall health which effects the state of the skin and its aging effect. It is truly the complete package!

Why is “non-abrasive” important when seeking a skin service?

Most other skin techniques are actually VERY ABRASIVE and INVASIVE creating more damage to activate the skin’s natural ability to heal itself. 

Take a moment and let this sink in.

When we cut ourselves the body’s skin will typically repair and heal itself to the best of its abilities, without us even thinking about it. Most techniques are taking complete ADVANTAGE of this beautiful process!

Now, this idea of “tear down” to stimulate the “repair” process IS productive in muscle repair for exercise, as it makes muscles bigger and stronger; However, this same methodology should NOT be applied to the skin tissue and especially NOT on the face. 

Our skin is versatile and amazing, and should be approached more delicately in order for it to age well. The skin is the largest organ and reflects our INNER health state, right on our face, we can SEE what is actually going on under the skin. We cannot see or even feel our organs that are in direct connection with our skin, THIS makes the skin utterly brilliant by design. 


Take back your power from the beauty industry and stand up for women’s health! 

When we use abrasive anti-aging techniques, the face, skin and/or the body are in distress and most significantly, the skin is essentially traumatized. Most of us do not look at it that way, but according to the body system, it is the TRUTH. More and more women, every day, say “YES” to surgeries and invasive treatments in order to look great. What message are we sending to ourselves when we are attacking the face with harsh stimulation, chemicals and contact? Stand with me when I say this is about more than just a FACIAL, this is a MOVEMENT!  What I’m presenting to you here, is that we have OPTIONS! 

Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation (SCFR) Therapy

Your skin is always breathing, let’s call it your “external lung”, what you put on your skin is IMPORTANT! Topically, I recommend plant-based products that are toxin free. What you put on your skin is absorbed into organs and affects hormone glands, contributing dramatically to the “aging process”. Micro-current therapy will drive topical products into the skin cells more effectively by up to 70%! Considering this, I use therapeutic grade essential oils during the facial treatment. For at home maintenance, I recommend the ART Skin Care line, which is toxin-free and infused with essential oils to nourish you from the outside, in.

Why trust micro-current for your skin health?

Facial aging is mainly caused by poor skin care routine, soft tissue damage and repetitive facial “habits”. Using a holistic health approach with a microcurrent facial, we will improve the circulation, detoxification, and ATP (energy) production within the skin cells. You will notice your skin will improve any low-grade inflammation, increase health of collagen as well as increase elastin fibers. With stimulation, soft tissue healing will be optimized through faster cellular regeneration and increased protein synthesis. Smoothing out areas with wrinkles and fine lines that were depleted and bringing results you can SEE in just ONE TREATMENT! 

What can you do to improve your facial sagging?

Exercise for your facial muscles, brings in balance and reduces facial asymmetry.

Most services are stand alone, one technique and one problem focus at a time. With the SCFR anti-aging micro-current facial you will get MORE than just one facial technique in a session!

One thing that makes the micro current facial stand out above the rest is the FACIAL MUSCLE RE-EDUCATION! Over time our face actually changes, with our life experience. Physical, emotional stress, traumatic events or injuries can affect how we look. First of all, our muscles in the face are designed and programmed to PROTECT the head and brain at all cost. Secondly, take look in the mirror, is it symmetrical? Do you see an imbalance? Do you notice you carry more tension on one side of the body than the other? Have you injured one side or suffer from chronic pain? All of this will show in the muscular structure of your face. THIS method can tell muscles that are “too tight” to CHILL OUT! THIS method can tell muscles that are “too slack” to STEP UP! In essence, this stimulation sends a message to the brain which signals to the body, affecting ALL SYSTEMS, all just from working on the face. 

Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation Therapy provides an approach and techniques that target beyond Skin Deep.

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