Holistic Skin & Face Treatments

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Micro-Current Face Lift

This technique rejuvenates skin and lifts the face. EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) stimulates your own skin’s cell regeneration ability and increases blood circulation. This helps with the nourishment and detoxification within the skin cell, improves inflammation and lifts collagen levels to provide a more youthful appearance. With this technique, plant based products and therapeutic grade essential oils are driven deeper into skin cells with up to 70% efficiency gaining the benefit of their medicinal effects.  Using TCM acupressure we stimulate and move the body’s energy, followed up by your personal detoxifying lymphatic shiatsu massage of the head, face & neck.

Add localized micro-current to troubled areas and scars!


30 / 60  minutes   $ 85 / 150 

Energy Infused FACE Therapy

To unravel your skins psychology, custom energy infused FACE Therapy treatments include vibration, aromatherapy and a range of somatic, body & sensory psychotherapy as well as kinesthetic therapy techniques.

FACE Therapy is a Foundational Awakening for Conscious Evolution. Throughout your session, the “Space” for your energy centers (chakras) and energetic pathways (meridians & acupressure points) will be encouraged to balance and harmonize the flow of energy in your body. Emotional patterns, stress and limiting beliefs will gently dissipate and create room for new possibilities and ease. Your physical skin care concerns will be addressed in addition to balancing the subtle energy system to bring about profound peace and beauty. The results are beautiful, glowing skin and restored vitality.

 90 minutes   $ 180

Skin & Body Psychology

The skin is your avatar and is a mirror reflection of your inner world. Its condition is an indication of the relationship you have with yourself. Using therapeutic grade essential oils and energy healing body work we access the mind/body’s limbic system to release unprocessed emotional wounds trapped within the human system. Considering all intentions and purposes, our  work will be to acknowledge and let go, feel and release, to open and expand the energetic field and create new pathways into your future. I bring awareness and a step by step process to shift the FACE you see in the mirror. 

60 / 90 minutes   $85 / 115


12/ 30 min sessions

  • Micro-Current
  • Aromatherapy


12/ 60 min sessions

  • Micro-Current Therapy
  • Energy Infused Healing
  • Emotional Clearing
  • Skin Psychology
  • FACE & Mindset Coaching



First Time Only/60 min session

  • Micro-Current
  • Aromatherapy


Now Offering Mobile Treatments