The Real Side Effects of Botox

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The Real Side Effects of Botox

The Real Side Effects of Botox

Let’s expand our vision, stop over focusing on the wrinkles and look at what we are actually doing to ourselves when we say “YES” to Botox…

To Botox is…

To numb yourself.

To hide how you feel.

To not face how you truly feel.

To Botox is to not have your story be written on your face, but TRUST ME it hides in the shadow of your reality.

Botox is literately effecting skin, muscles, cranial nerves and hormones… your complete physiology as well as your external environment. It will effect your relationships because as humans we use facial reading as a form of communication which separates us from the animals. It stops you, from feeling emotions not just expressing them, at least feeling as deeply as you COULD BE. It will suppress the past and you will end up bringing the energetic baggage with you into the next relationship, trust me.

If a better relationship is what you seek your lack of expression through the face can be effecting your relationship intimacy. It causes confusion for people who communicate or interact with you on a day to day basis when we can sense something is “off” but we can’t read your face. Humans are hard wired to use facial feedback visually, we receive social data from your face communication with this we can decide how to respond. With the Botox effects your face may not align with what you are saying and our brain, instincts and reflexes will say “I don’t trust” and it can bring instability to the relationship.

In my experience, Microcurrent therapy on the face will awaken the nerves and facial muscles to the numbing effects of Botox whether you like it or not. If you truly never want to “feel” that again, Botox is the perfect love drug. It’s safe enough for everyone but NOT FOR everyone. Waking up to the truth of how you REALLY feel may not be what you want. Once you start the FACE therapy, you will have to “face” the reality of your life experiences, as they were intended literally to be written all over your face.

Microcurrent isn’t all about awakening, it’s also about movement. It will bring structural balance to some reflexes and muscles that may have been hyperactive or slacking, literally. Facial symmetry is about balance and this will be reflected in all aspects of your reality not just your reflection. As your cranial nerves wake up, your perspective will widen and your focus will have direction.

To assist in the process I include facial reflex massage which helps integrate the Microcurrent impulses. Micro dosing your self into FACE therapy instead of shifting you over night is the intention. I recommend and encourage clients to take small steps across the river towards big transformation instead of cliff diving into deep waters.

I want clients whom are really ready to face their truth and truly be authentic. If you are someone who is ready for real results, truth and ready to reveal the essence of YOU… it’s time to create space. No masking allowed in this ESSENTIAL SPACE of “healing”.

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