Why Your Skin Needs You To Go Chemical Free

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Why Your Skin Needs You To Go Chemical Free

Why Your Skin Needs You To Go Chemical Free

The skin is a rejuvenating organ. Your natural state is to heal itself at all costs.

When your skin gets a cut, the body does not stay wounded and seeping, its cells find a way to close that wound. Healing is healing. Our ability to heal a cut reflects our ability to heal all things within the body, including the mind. If you bruise easy, or they never seem to go away, this reflects your body is struggling physically, and most likely emotionally. Stress is stress. The body does not have a definition of types of stress, environmentally or internally, because stress is stress. Trauma is trauma. Big or small, emotional or physical, in the body… a trauma, is a trauma, is a trauma. The body has to close that wound in order to move on and keep up with the demands the conscious mind puts upon it. We call this “moving on” but what you “brush under the rug” or “push through”, I guarantee,  is still draining energy from you.

Plant intelligence is in us. Your body is like a tree.

It has branches that dry out and branches that bring new life. We know in gardening and plant care that if we remove dead leaves or branches this supports new growth in our foliage. If those dead leaves or branches remain, the plant will spend unnecessary energy working to heal them, simply because it “knows” they are still there. Our bodies are no different. They are working hard to recover and repair from damage done through our experience and in the meantime, it drains us. This is where we start to age, and we stop “growing”, in my perspective. This is why we do not all “age” the same.

The bodies intelligence surpasses the conscious mind.

We can tell ourselves we are “fine” or “OK. We can say “it’s fine” or “it’s ok” but the body knows the difference. Something that harms us or threatens our safety is traumatic and activates responses of Fight/Flight/Freeze in order to protect us. According to the research of Stephen P. Forges and the Polyvagal Theory, “The Body Keeps the Score”, it keeps biochemical record of experiences as a reference point, to learn what NOT to do, and strives at all cost to keep us safe. When we put ourselves into the same harmful situation as once experienced, we can listen or ignore, but the body is keeping score. We are much more simple and primitive when it comes to survival, but we continually make it complicated by definition of the conscious mind.

Non-invasive and chemical free options. What does this have to do with face or skin care?

Choosing a beauty regime that is non-invasive should be an obvious choice for us, once we put this into perspective. Unfortunately, we see people, mostly women, succumbing to surgeries more and more every day. Harsh chemical peels, botox injections to name a couple, would be considered “self-harming” or “traumatic” according to the body and its nervous system. I believe we “know” these techniques are certainly unhealthy for us, yet our fear of acceptance, rejection and shame are much more harmful to our hearts, so we risk it anyways. The problem we face after receiving these harsh treatments is that we are teaching ourselves and our daughters that it is ok to “self-harm”. if we continue to “self-harm” and ignore any signaling that “this is potentially harmful” then we are basically programming ourselves with a standard of what we deserve or how we should be treated. Women everywhere are screaming equality! Yet, this beast of a “beauty industry”, (hence Beauty and the Beast), has thousands of us PROVING we agree and are NOT WORTHY. There is a new generation of young women who are seeking these treatments or surgeries younger and younger, based upon the pressures of “selfies” and the wonderful social media video streams. Social media is not going away and neither are the invasive beauty regimes or products, in fact more are created every year! I cannot even begin to imagine what the future holds for the “up and comers” yet to be born.

When will this stop? How can we make a difference?

We can start by role modelling better choices with our beauty care products as well as the anti-aging treatments. This industry has one of the most relaxed standards, and I use that term loosely, to be “approved” to be sold in stores, clinics and salons everywhere. They do not “have to” expose full disclosure about the ingredients or how they were made, they test on animals and they are definitely testing on humans, every day. Simply because they do not know the long-term effects of their products. What is “approved” in one country as “safe” is not in another, and somehow, we accept this. If you have never actually read or researched the ingredients in your skin products, give it a shot! I dare you. on the upside, there are options, more natural or plant-based that contribute to better health for the skin organ, which reflects and effects the nervous system and hormone functions. Educate yourself by doing some research before you say “yes” to that bottle of Pantene, botox injection or going under knife.

If it sounds too good to be true, it may just be harmful to you…

but YOU do your own research, look at both sides, positive and negative effects, then decide. At least you can make an educated decision, instead of a blind one. If time is an issue, then make the time, please… your health depends on it.

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